29 March 2010

Naptime Bunny

Hi All,

This week we were given this gorgeous bunny for our challenge over at http://incywincydesigns.blogspot.com/.

We are sponsored by Stitchy @ Stitchy Stamps this week www.stitchybearstamps.com/shop/.
I began with white card stock, then found glitter self adhesive paper in purple colour and added that as my first layer. I then added a piece of textured paper to break the glitter up a bit. I then added a lavender colour sheet of paper ontop of the textured layer.
Naptime Bunny I used Fireworks to colour in and added it to the lavender colour paper. I made extra copies of Naptime Bunny and decided to 3D the ears and arms and also the legs of the crib to give some effect.
I added the sentiment with the help of Greg as I wanted something different than the standard sentiments available. It reads "All I want is a love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt!". I thought it perfect for this card.
I added a couple of eggs in the bottom left corner to give the effect Naptime Bunny was looking at the eggs instead of laying down and going to sleep :-)
I finalised with bling and added bits of lines to give the effect of it being sewn as was one requirement of the card.
Please feel free to comment as all feedback is gratefully appreciated and received.
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28 March 2010

Love Wedding Card

Hi All,

This card I have made for a friend's wedding. I was a little stumped in the beginning. But the card seemed to have made itself. Greg bought me the image from Squigglefly and it's a gorgeous image. I was a little unsure on the flowers on how they would turn out.

I used a dark pink shade cardstock and found some backing coloured paper on my list of items on my pc which I printed and used that as my first layer. I coloured the image in with my pencils and the flowers with paint brush pens.

I outlined the border with my pink metallic pen and outlined the card with my silver metallic pen. I had some sentiments that were silver and blinged already, as I love bling.
I finalised with some sparkle in each corner with soft pink bling.

I also added the bride and grooms name within the hearts as a soft personal touch.

Please feel free to comment as all feedback is gratefully appreciated and received.
Thank you for visiting my blog.


22 March 2010

Sally - Snuggles

Hi all,

For this week we have been given the above image to use. Her name is Sally.

I coloured her in with my pencil's and outlined her with texta's.

I used white card stock then added a couple of layers of stock, first being red and second being creamy yellow shade. I outlined the borders with metallic pens. The first was a pink and the outer a gold.

I used brad's in the corners to finalise and some bling in the lady bug stick I had lying around.

I had some stick on's for baby and decided to use the word snuggles for the sentiment.

I absolutely love this image and was easy to work with.

We are graciously being sponsored by Stitchy Bear Stamps and her link to her store is: www.stitchybearstamps.com/shop/. Do drop in and have nosy.

Please feel free to comment as all feedback is gratefully received and appreciated. Thank you for visiting my blog.